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Shotkam Training Camera Gen 3

Shotkam Training Camera Gen 3

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  • 1080p Video 
  • 5 Hour Battery 

  • 4x Zoom

  • Weight: 156g
  • Dimensions: 32mm in diameter, 114mm in length
  • Memory: An internal 64GB Micro SD card (enough for 2,000 clay videos)
  • Connection: Mini USB port

Video Recording: Records video in either 1080p Full HD at 100 fps, or 720p at 180 fps. The recording setting can be selected within our "ShotKam" mobile app. ShotKam has an accelerometer which registers forces and registers when there is a shot taken. Once the action of your shotgun is closed, the ShotKam begins recording a video through a memory buffer. If the accelerometer registers a recoil, then it saves the video to the memory card. If there is no recoil, then it dismisses the video. All true or report pairs taken within 6 seconds of each other will be saved as the same video.

Video Format: MP4 Video Format

Wi-Fi: 4x faster built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your ShotKam to any iPad / Tablet / Smartphone while in the field (no other Wi-Fi source needed). The ShotKam's Wi-Fi will appear in your phone's Wi-Fi Networks options. You can instantly share your shots to social media right from your phone.

Waterproof: ShotKam is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is on to cover the USB port. The ShotKam is OK in rain or accidental submersion when hunting, but it cannot be used for under-water sports.

Mounting Systems: A 12 gauge mounting bracket is included with your ShotKam purchase. This can be attached to any break-action, semi-auto, or pump shotgun. There are additional sub-gauge brackets available: 20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410, or 12 Ga side-by-side.

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